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Gall bladder is a small sack located in your abdomen behind the liver on the left side of your stomach. Function of the gall bladder is to holds and release product of the liver, concentrate digestive fluid called bile. Bile is passed on through bile duct, digesting the food by braking down fats and other food ingredients into the small particles, in your intestines.

Gallstones are formed in cases when parts of hardened cholesterol or mineral stones are caught behind in your gall bladder. It can be smaller, in a way that you do not even know you have it, or a bigger, in which case they produce massive symptoms, and a surgery, called cholecystectomy - in which case gall bladder is removed completely - is the only way, according to your doctor.

You should not be in a hurry, when gall bladder surgery is recommended. Side effects of life without gall bladder, like nausea and diarrhea, sometimes surpass the problems with the symptoms of gallstones. Your body will eventually adjust to anew state, but here is also an increased chance for high blood cholesterol and bowel cancer.

Before you makes that decision, you should try some ordinary home remedies, which are proven to have a very positive effects, over the years of experience of patients who suffer from gall bladder stones.

Here is a short list of some of the home remedies you can try, in order to diminish your symptoms of gallstones, and avoid surgery altogether;

Changes of your lifestyle, daily diet, and introduction of some kind of exercises, will help your body recover itself. But new diet is most important; there are some substances and supplements in the food the can help you either prevent the forming of the gallstones, or help you dissolve it, in case you already have them.

Introducing in your diet more of water and fiber rich fruits and vegetables are one of those treatments. Fiber and water rich food have a capacity to remove or flush or excessive amount of cholesterol from your intestines, and as we know, exec particles of cholesterol are responsible for forming the gallstones.

In order for you to prevent the forming of gallstones in your gall bladder, you must monitor very carefully the amount of cholesterol in your daily diet. Best thing for you will be to avoid high fat and cholesterol rich foods altogether, if not, try to skip it for a whole month.

Vitamins C and B are also very important. Their interaction with other food supplements can be an excellent prevention against gallstones, although vitamin C can even help to dissolve existing gallstones from your body.

You should also try to drink as much water as you can. Flush of extra amount of water trough you body is beneficial, and can equate the gallstones. Also, you can try with gallbladder, liver and colon flush. This procedure requires some getting used to, but among the rest, it flushes away from your body all the toxins, bad fats, pollutants and cholesterol.

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