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Even though many people may believe that you need a special diet or a specific lifestyle in order to detoxify your liver, this is not true. Basically, the main purpose of your liver is to get rid of the toxins from your body. Thus, the previous public claim makes absolutely no sense and detoxifying the liver is completely unnecessary.

Seeing through the Myths

Namely, the gallstone diet, basing its effect on the liver cleansing which leads to gallstone removal, says that, once you eat specific food, the gallstones from your body will get expelled along with your stool, being clearly visible after the process. Yet, taking into consideration that our gallbladder is connected to our small intestine through a small tube called the bile duct, there is no chance that a gallstone could possibly pass through this passage. The end of this duct is as tiny as a pencil head. Thus, only the gallstones smaller than this could pass through. But, these would not be visible in your stool.

If this process happened and an average gallstone started traveling through the bile duct, you would be in severe pain starting from below your ribcage, moving to the other side of your ribs. Also, there would be a great chance of your gallstone getting captured in the ampule of Vater, triggering an inflammation of the pancreas, possibly being fatal for you.

All in all, even though gallstones may be shrunk by certain medications, this does not guarantee their expelling from your organism nor does it prevent these stones from forming again.

Preventing Gallstones Effectively

So far, we do not know the exact triggers of gallstones, but we do have several usual suspects. Mainly, having a diet rich in fat and being overweight are two factors which increase your chances of suffering from gallstones significantly. Additionally, hereditary aspects come into picture, since you may have genetic predispositions when it comes to developing these stones. Risk groups also encompass those who lose weight quickly and eat a diet extremely low in fat.

So, maintaining a normal, healthy and balanced diet is crucial for gallstone prevention. Next, you need to make sure you drink sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis. Eat a lot of olives and corn, while avoiding processed and refined food. Finally, stay physically active, exercising regularly and paying attention to your body weight, not being too thin nor overweight. When all else fails and gallbladders seem to be bothering you, seek medical assistance.

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