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Gall bladder is an organ located on the left side on your abdomen under the liver. Function of the gallbladder is to keep the concentrated digestive fluid produced in liver, called bile. Sometimes, parts of hardened mineral stones or cholesterol are formed in the gall bladder, resulting in the gall bladder stones. Depending of chemical composition of the bile in bladder, some people are at elevated risk of having gallbladder stones or gallstones.

Gallstones may have no particular symptoms and may vary in size, but in cases when they grow bigger, they can block the duct bile from leaking out, causing symptoms like indigestion inflammation or stomach pain. In those cases, gallbladder removal surgery is only option. Besides, or prior to surgery, there are some herbs, supplements and homeopathic remedies that you can try, in order to help dissolve your gallstones.


There are some substances that we can use in order to dissolve the gallstones or prevent the forming of it on our gallbladder, and in some cases change the chemical composition of bile. One of them is flaxseed oil and it helps in forming fat acids, which are very important to functions of our intestine and bowels. Also the peppermint herb oil can be very helpful as a supplement in our daily diet.

Time of dissolvent of gallstones depends of two things like size of stones and the combination of supplements we use daily. Smaller one can be dissolved in period of tree months, but the bigger gallstones need a bit more time.

Vitamins like vitamin C, D and B are also very important as part of our daily diet, which should be adapted to help us resolve our gallbladder problems. You should consult your dietitian or herbal or nutritional expert about instructions of how to change your daily diet to help you with your gallbladder symptoms.

Another treatment used for gallstones is homeopathy, and apart from regular medicament and remedies, homeopathy is a very good alternative. Homeopathic remedies for gallstones have no side effects and are considered harmless. Usual principle in using of those remedies is to start with one remedy, wait to see how it works, and then go for there. If effects or results are not shown in reasonable period of time, change the remedy and try again. For the instructions about dosage, preparation and way of use, consult your homeopathic expert.

Some of homeopathic remedies for gallstone problems are Nux vomica, Podophyillum, Lycopodium, Berberis vulgaris, Dioscorea, Calcarea carbonica, Chelidonium majus or Colocynthis.

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