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Gall bladder is an organ located on the left side of your abdomen, under the liver. Function of the gall bladder is to keep and concentrate digestive fluids called bile, produced by the liver. Sometimes, parts of hardened cholesterol or mineral stones are caught in the gall bladder, forming the gall bladder stones. Depending of chemical composition of the bile, some people are more apt to have gall bladder stones than the other.

Gall bladder stones may vary in size and the have no particular symptoms. But in cases when those stones grow bigger, they can block the duct where bile is supposed to leak out, causing indigestion, stomach pain and inflammation. In those cases, surgery is only option for removal of gallstones.

Causes of forming the gallstones, bedsides the chemical composition of bile (digestive fluid that are kept in gall bladder), are most likely in your diet. Sugar rich diets can be one of the causes, and also presence or some types of disease, such as digestive tract disorders or inflammatory bowel diseases. Rapid weight loss or obesity may also be one of the causes. People over forty and women are more apt to get gallstones, than a men or younger people.

Besides, or prior to surgery, there are some herbs and supplements that you can try, in order to help dissolve your gallstones.

One of the most important is vitamin C. Besides the ability to dissolve gallstones, vitamin CV can also be prevention against it. You can also combine vitamin C with other supplements, such as choline and inositol, or herbs like milk thistle, can also be very helpful in prevention on gallstones.

Time of dissolvent of gallstones depend of two things; combination of supplements we use and a size of stones. Smaller one can be dissolved in period of approximately tree months, but the bigger gallstones need a bit more time.

Vitamin B can also be very useful for either prevention or dissolvent of gall stones. Vitamin B chemically supports inositol and choline, compound that generate the chemical composition of the bile. By taking vitamin B, we can change the composition of the bile, this changing are predisposition to have a gallstones.

There is also some other substances that we can use in order to dissolve the gallstones, prevent the forming of it on our gall bladder, enhance the flow of bile from our gall bladder to the intestines and, in some cases change the composition of bile, if we are to prone to have a gallstones. One of them is flaxseed oil; it helps in forming fat acids. Fatty acids are very important to functions of our bowels and intestine. Also the peppermint herb oil can be very helpful as a supplement in our daily diet.

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