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This organ, shaped like a pear, is located near the liver and functions as a storage area for bile. This bile aids the digestion. It is effective for this, and our body uses it on partially. Gallstones are the most common trouble connected with gallbladder and this problem happens when the bile has high cholesterol. One of the most common reasons for this is eating food with high fat levels.

Diet to keep your gallbladder healthy

When having problems with gallbladder, a certain diet will have to be implemented. If the process of digestion is compromised by the insufficient amounts of bile, a person will feel ill and suffer from diarrhea. This happens because the fat will not be digested in this case. When this situation occurs, surgery is advised. The diet will help your gallbladder to rest, and this will reduce the spasms, which can be very painful.

Hard calcium and bile pigments are a part of gallstones and they usually occur because of the excess cholesterol found in the bile. Diet can reduce the gallstones and even expel the ones that got smaller because of the diet. The diet should consist of fruits, vegetables, cereals, bread and rice, while the items that every person suffering from gallbladder disease should avoid are fried food, big meals before going to bed, fatty food, and carbonated drinks, since, they can make the problem greater and produce acute pain, purge and binge diet. When you are eating a salad, try to use olive oil or vinegar as dressing. Also, try to lose some weight, since it can be beneficial.

There are several other food items that are advised. They are low fat milk, like skim milk, and fish oil capsules, filled with omega-3 fatty acids that will reduce the cholesterol levels in the bile. Also, we have mentioned that grains, fruits and vegetables are good to use because they are rich in fiber. When preparing a meal with meat, try to cut out all the fat and to use leaner meat. The use of turmeric and ginger is also advised. We have given you some advice on how to adjust your eating habits and reduce the problem with the gallbladder problems. They may not eliminate the problem completely but they will certainly help with the symptoms.

You will also be able to reduce the chances that the symptoms will appear. Remember that doctors conduct different type of diet after gallbladder removal. After the surgery gas and burping are common, which is why fluids and high fiber food are important. Do not use more than 3 teaspoons of oil and avoid food that may produce constipation. Eat low fat food.

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