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This text will focus on a condition called gallstones, and the surgery which can remove these discomforting items. The liver produces bile which then travels to the gallbladder, located beneath the liver. This bile then moves on to the intestine tubes named cystic duct and common bile duct. This bile is responsible for the digestion of fats. Gallstones can be very small and a person may not even notice them, but they can also be very big and cause significant pain. They consist of cholesterol and some other items which can be found in the bile.


Improper bladder emptying can also produce these gallstones. Sometimes losing weight the very fast can produce them as well. When we talk about symptoms, they may include pain in the stomach, back, shoulder or belly's upper part area. This pain usually comes very sudden, and it may feel like you are having a heart attack. But most cases of gallstones do not produce any symptoms. Fever, yellowish whites of the eyes and chills are also possible, but only if a blockage of the bile duct occurs, while the danger of pancreas swelling is present if gallstones are created. If these symptoms are experienced, a visit to the doctor will be needed, since the signs suggest gallbladder infection. When you go to the doctor, he will perform some test to see if gallstones are causing the problems. The doctor will first ask you about the previous health issues and the problem experiencing now. Some imaging test can be done and an ultrasound, though the problem can sometimes be undetected by these tests. If this happens, and the doctor is still thinking that it is a gallstone problem, scan of the gallbladder can be performed. When this test is performed, dye is inserted through the vain and x-rays are made. They will mark the dye and see if there is a blockage.


If the problem is considerate blockage, a surgery which removes the gallbladder can be done, which is an effective way to prevent this problem from happening again. This operation is called cholecystectomy. Another surgery with the same function is laparoscopic surgery, and it requires the use of an instrument called laparoscope. Very big incision is made when open gallbladder surgery is performed. This surgery is performed if the blood isn't clotting as it should, or if the two surgeries we have mentioned cannot be done for some reason. If the gallstones are present in the bile duct, surgery will definitely have to be performed. If you find yourself in a need of this kind of surgery, remember that laparoscopic surgery takes the shortest recovery time, which is around a week.

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