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Basically, anal fissure is a crack at the ending of our bowels, on the skin around the anus. Usually linear, anal fissure is, in most cases, a product of bad nutrition. Namely, by having a vitamin deficient diet without fruit, fibers or avoiding eating vegetables, people tend to cause constipation. Main side effect of constipation, besides piles, is anal fissure since during bowel movement hard stool damages the anal tract while being expelled. This fissure, after being created, is constantly reinforced because of the bacteria from the feces and the pressure of itstransition.

There are, however, natural, easy to do yourself, cures for this illness. First and foremost, the main cause, the constipation must be reduced and remedied. This is achieved by switching into a five-day diet of strictly fruit juices having a glass every two hours. Along with this, water enema can be used as it is a known way of softening the stool.

The next five days you should constrain yourself to eating only fresh fruit. Types of fruit should come down to the juicy ones like apple, pineapple, papaya, pears, oranges and such, eating portions every five hours. After these five days the intestines and bowels should become cleansed and regenerated.

Next step involves eating only food which contributes to healing the anal fissure. Molasses, honey, green leaved vegetables, whole grains and fibers and fresh fruits combined with dry fruits along with milk should present a recommended diet. Externally, the fissure should be treated with olive oil applied rectally on a daily basis.

During whole of this process, it is crucial to drink sufficient amounts of water since it cleanses the organism of all toxic material and being a necessary element for human life and health, water should be ever present as an sufficient addition to the above mentioned diet. What should be avoided and suspended from this diet is pastry, cheese, dairy products and white sugar since eating those will only prevent sufficient vitamins to be absorbed by our organism.

Finally, exercises such as yoga can be very helpful in healing anal fissure and should be practiced. Additionally, worm and cold water treatment to the damaged area should be applied by gently washing and keeping the fissure clean. The formula for this should be one cold on three hot baths, applying a soft cloth such as linen on the fissure afterwards. This dry cloth application adds on to the list of very helpful methods of anal fissure home treating and healing.

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