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Fecal Impaction

Fecal impaction refers to a large mass of dry stool in the rectum which develops as a consequence of chronic constipation. This mass can be so hard that a person may experience rather intensive pain and difficulty trying to pass the stool. Fecal impaction is not the same thing as constipation. It may be a consequence of constipation. It most commonly affects people suffering from chronic constipation. Improper intake of water, reduced intake of food rich in fibers and lack of physical activity are some of the reasons why constipation and consequent fecal impaction occur. Constipation can be also caused by certain medications, particularly if they have been used for a long time.

Some people can deal with fecal impaction without assistance of the doctor while others suffering from severe form of the condition require urgent surgery.

Symptoms and Signs of Fecal Impaction

The leading symptoms of fecal impaction are abdominal pain and cramping. Constipation also occurs. Since some of the stool may be passed it is usually watery and in small amounts. One may have urge to defecate but simple cannot pass the stool.

Fecal Impaction Removal

The best way is to treat constipation on time and this way fecal impaction can be successfully prevented. Normal bowel movement depends on several facts. Sufficient intake of water, well-balanced diet and adequate physical activity are measure that may heal constipation and prevent fecal impaction.WaterDehydration is the leading cause of fecal impaction. Therefore, patients are due to drink plenty of water and other fluids such as juices. One should drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day, if not more. This can lead to softening of the stool and its easier elimination.Dietary ChangesDiet should be rich in specific foods. This particularly refers to food rich in fibers. Fibers provide with frequent bowel movements and prevent constipation. Green leafy such as cabbage and dried fruit are also excellent stimulants for bowel movements.LaxativesLaxatives are medications that soften the stool and stimulate its elimination. One of the most popular laxatives is mineral oil.EnemaEnema is the fluid administered into the rectum. It contains specific substances which stimulate bowel movements. Colon CleanserColon cleanse is the process that includes removal of toxins. It may help with constipation. Colon cleansers contain natural ingredients which may additionally clean the colon from fecal collections. Manual InterventionIn case that, a patient simply cannot pass the stool the doctor will perform manual extraction of the impacted feces. The procedure is not comfortable but it may be the only way to alleviate the pain caused by impacted feces.

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