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It is really devastating how many people in the world suffer from diabetes, which refers to the abnormally high amounts of glucose in the blood. Apart from gestational diabetes, which appears just in pregnancy, there are two major kinds of diabetes. While type 1 diabetes occurs as a consequence of the inability of pancreas to produce insulin, which regulates the sugar in the blood, type 2 diabetes occur when the body’s cells somehow do not recognize the insulin, which results in the high levels of blood sugar. Diabetes is a very serious health condition since it may have serious consequences and therefore, it is always better to prevent it from developing.

Natural prevention of diabetes

First of all, we should all change the diet and eating habits, which sounds very difficulty since we live in time in which the junk or fast foods are everywhere and so handy when we are full of activities and obligations. Thus, we usually do not pay attention to what we eat, but we just fill our stomach. It should be changed immediately and the diet should be well balanced. Our body should get the necessary amounts of nutrients through the foods. Therefore, fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy fats should be included in the everyday diet if we want to avoid diabetes.

It is also important not to consume excessive amounts of foods high in sugar. The sugary foods are high in calories resulting in the gaining of the body weight and obesity, which is among the prime causes for the occurrence of diabetes. While the body uses the necessary amounts of glucose, the remainder of glucose turns into fat and stores in the different parts of the body. Thus, the obese people should immediately make a plan how to lose their excess body weight.

Regular physical activity is also required for the natural prevention of diabetes. It is not necessary to do some strenuous activities, but some simple everyday activities like walking, jogging or swimming will be enough. For example, it is always better to walk to the nearby supermarket or any other store than drive to it.

For the prevention of diabetes, it is also necessary to abandon some unhealthy habits, such as consumption of alcohol, as well as cigarettes. We all know to what extent alcohol and cigarettes are harmful for our health, since every year thousands of people die from some disease caused by either cigarettes or alcohol.

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