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What is borderline diabetes exactly?

Borderline diabetes or prediabetes is a condition characterized by the blood levels of glucose that are above normal, but that are still not high enough to diagnose diabetes. This condition is considered to be the initial stage of type 2 diabetes, and factors that mostly contribute to it are an improper and unhealthy lifestyle including eating habits. If diagnosed in time, which is often very difficult to do because the symptoms are either hard to recognize or not present at all, then it is possible to prevent it from aggravating and developing into type 2 diabetes by following some simple rules. These steps refer to certain changes to the diet and lifestyle, and the person needs to follow them diligintly. This way, not only the diabetes will be prevented, but a number of related diseases and problems as well. Otherwise, the first additional problems will begin to show up in less than 10 years.

Borderline diabetic diet

First of all, if a person is obese or overweight, it is of essential importance to reduce the weight. This can be achieved with regular exercising and certain changes in diet. It is important to mention that it does not mean that the person in question will have to starve; definitely not, because the main goal is to keep the blood levels of sugar under control. There are foods that will have to be avoided, limited or even eliminated completely from the diet, because they are more than harmful for people with borderline diabetes. The list of these foods includes cakes, candies and sugars in the first place, and then butter and margarine, cheese, fried and processed foods, pork fat, alcohol and hydrogenated oils and soda. A list of the foods that should be consumed consists primarily of fresh foods and leafy vegetables, whole wheat, beans, lentils, olive oil, chicken, turkey, and other skinless meat that is low in fat, skimmed milk, sugar free yogurt, products made of soy, cheese that is either fat free or low in fat, and almonds.

Surely there is much more that can be added to this list, which is why it is important to consult a nutritionist and come up with the best diet plan . Water should not be forgotten, and 8 to 10 glasses a day are an absolute must.

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