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Diabetes is among the most frequentmedical conditions worldwide and the number of people suffering from it progressivelyrises. The people who have blood sugar levels considerably above the levelthat is considered to be normal are suffering from diabetes. Pre diabetes is acondition when one has blood sugar level that is higher than it should bebut does not reach the levels that are characteristic for diabetes. Thus, when one discovers that he/sheis suffering from prediabetes, he/she can prevent the development of diabetesby making certain changes in the diet.

Diet for pre diabetes

When one contracts pre diabetes,he/she should avoid consummation of certain foods and include some other types of foods in the everyday diet, on the other side.

The foods high in fat and sugar, aswell as in carbohydrates and calories, are not recommended for those with prediabetes, since they make people more prone to development of diabetes by intake of such foods. On the otherhand, the foods that are recommended are fruits, and vegetables such as broccoli, green beansand carrots.Since the simple carbohydrates leadto food craving and subsequent gaining of the body weight, they should be avoided. However,complex carbohydrates provide good digestion and keep the blood sugarlevels normal. Furthermore, complex carbohydrates are the prime source of the energyfor the body. Some of the foods high in complexcarbohydrates are spinach, lettuce, asparagus, greens, cabbage and cauliflower, as well as cucumber and celery. Moreover, it is also considered that complex carbohydratescan be found in radish, Brussels, onion and tomato. The people with prediabetes shouldalso eat oatmeal, muesli, low fat yogurt, soy and skim milk since these foodsare also rich in complex carbohydrates.All types of beans, as well as manykinds of fruits like oranges, prunes, plums and apples, should also be a part ofa prediabetic diet.Prediabetic people have to eat meatas well. Therefore, fish, pork and beef, as well as chicken and turkey without theirskin, can be consumed when one is suffering form the high blood sugar levels.It is recommended to avoid saturatedfat foods as they only increase the amounts of cholesterol.When preparing some food, olive oil or coconut oil should be used. The boiled foods are preferred to the friedfoods.Junk foods, as well as desserts, should be expelled from the diet since they canonly aggravate the condition.

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