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Blood Sugar Levels

Some serious problems may be experienced due to the high blood sugar level, which is created in most cases by the diabetes. We will see how this level can be reduced. The reduction can be made if the high carbohydrate food is reduced and if exercises are included in the lifestyle. The glucose and sugar located in the blood are what blood sugar refers to. The level of glucose increases after a meal but in very small amounts and this is normal. But, the danger occurs if the blood sugar level rises persistently. The problem we are talking about, the high blood sugar, can also be called hyperglycemia. Due to his condition, nervous disorders, risk of kidney diseases increase, increased chance of heart problems and blood vessel damage, can occur. Pancreas is the organ whose beta cells release a hormone called insulin, which is responsible for the maintenance of blood sugar level. The fat tissue, muscle and liver cells are responsible for the sugar absorption and this is facilitated by the insulin. The impaired absorption happens if the insulin manufacture is lower or not present, which further leads to the increase of the blood glucose level. The insulin resistance and impaired insulin production are two most common causes of high blood sugar. Diabetes is the most common disease that causes high blood sugar. Exercises, a proper diet and medicines are something that the treatment of diabetes consists of.

Lowering High Blood Sugar

Food is one of the most important parts of this process. Rice and potatoes are some of the foods that should be avoided due to the carbohydrates and sugar, particularly by those with diabetes. The foods that are allowed include foods with low level of glycemic index and carbohydrates. Apples, oranges, pears are fruits are low in sugar and they are advised to eat. We also advise consumption of peas, peanuts and oatmeal and all food low on carbohydrates. Also, fat should be avoided and soft drinks, since they are high in sugar. The blood sugar can be maintained if sufficient amount of water is consumed. This amount goes from 7 to 8 glasses during the day. The weight can be reduced, the toxins removed from the body and the blood sugar can be lowered due to the proper water intake. Some herbs, such as ginger, ginseng, huckleberries, turmeric and cinnamon can be beneficial on the condition. Exercises must be included in the lifestyle and they will lower the blood sugar level and control blood pressure and cholesterol. When we say exercise, not every day you need to exercise hard. Even a walk is considered as a beneficial exercise. The lowering of high blood sugar can be achieved with a proper diet and introduction of exercises.

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