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The resistance of the insulin needs to be reduced and the glucose levels need to be under control if a person is suffering from the diabetes. All of this can be done if a patient eats certain foods. Insulin production is mostly associated with the problem of diabetes. Pancreas produces hormone called insulin and this helps the absorption of the glucose and transformation into the energy. Failure of utilization of insulin is a problem associated with more common type of diabetes, which is type 2. Type 1 diabetes is a problem associated with the impaired insulin production. Hunger, thirst, urination, which are more frequent, are some of the common problems associated with diabetes. Foods are something that can help with the monitoring of the problem.

Foods to Avoid with Diabetes Type 1

Among the foods that need to be avoided strictly are those with high glycemic index. They cause the increase of glucose levels in blood, which is something that should be avoided. The glucose level has to be maintained since the insulin production in the body is impaired if the diabetes type 1 is present. Diet and treatment methods can bring this condition under control. When it comes to the list of foods you need to avoid, it contains cereals, dairy products, saturated fat, alcohol, milk, artificial sweeteners, tea, coffees, white bread, sport drink, packaged fruit juices, soft drinks, rice, sugary sodas, sweets and white pasta.

Foods to Avoid with Diabetes type 2

Resistance to insulin is associated with diabetes mellitus or type 2 diabetes. The beta cells suffer strain and this causes the resistance of the insulin. Glucose levels increase due to this, which is something we do not want. Foods like meat, white bread, meat substitutes, trans fat, junk food, alcohol, fruit juices, fatty foods, milk, starchy vegetables (like beets and parsnips), artificial sweeteners and sweets should be avoided.

Foods to Avoid with Gestational Diabetes

The alteration of hormone levels causes the change of glucose levels and this further leads to the problem in question, which targets pregnant women. Also, this causes the resistance to the insulin, which can be avoided if a change of the diet is included. In this case, foods high in sugar, whole milk cheese, cream, bacon, butter, fatty meats and complex carbohydrates need to be avoided.

Food to Avoid with Pre Diabetes

This stage is associated with high blood sugar levels, which are not as high as during diabetes. If you are having this problem, you have to avoid fried food, chips, cookies, trans fat, saturated fat, sugar sweetened drinks, carbonated sweet drinks, soda, meat products and meat. Foods that you should eat include fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products and lean meats.

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