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What would be the most important things to do when it comes to regulating the health status of the organism? Even though many people would think of exercising and dieting first, that might not be the best possible option. Not many would say that cleansing (colon cleansing and other forms) might be essentials when it comes to health. Is this really true?


Colon is the spot where all the food ends up after being processed by the digestive system. Processing means taking all that the body can use from food and leaving the waste material, which turns into feces and leaves the organism after defecation. It is obvious that this material contains some dangerous substances and therefore, those substances should be flushed out as soon as possible. Elimination of toxins and accumulated bacteria is very important and therefore, regular colon cleansing is a very healthy choice.


Mentioned detoxification is one of several positive effects that happen with regular colon cleansing. Some other things should be mentioned too. Those are increased energy (colon is empty, so there is no need for the energy to be wasted there), reduced belly (empty intestines reduce their diameter), walls of colon are being rejuvenated, and, of course, weight reduction. All of those benefits always happen with colon cleansing. But are there some things that people should be afraid of? Actually, there are not. There is only a theory of some experts that colon cleansing should not be done because it is not a normal state of the body. Normally, the colon should always be at least half-full with food. Emptying the intestines is not something the body can get used to easily and thus it should not be done. Still, there are more and more people who are using some sort of colon cleansing.

There are several ways for colon cleansing and colon hydrotherapy is one of those. It is a very comfortable procedure, which requires from a person nothing but lying on the table on the back, while water is flushing out the waste material. Also, some herbal teas can be used, although this is a bit longer process. This kind of cleansing is usually a part of some diet, for example, master cleanse lemonade diet uses this tea. This diet is based on liquid meal, which includes cayenne pepper, maple syrup and lemon juice, rich in vitamins and minerals but very poor in carbs and fats.

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