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An unhealthy colon can lead to many problems, which can range from mild, like gas, constipation or diarrhea, to more serious diseases. It can also lead to problems that do not seem directly linked to the intestines, like headache, fatigue, allergies and others. Many of those problems can be prevented by occasionally cleansing the colon.

Benefits of colon cleansing

Many health experts recommend colon cleansing from time to time, especially for people who lead an unhealthy lifestyle and expose themselves to harmful agents and toxins. If the colon is not clean and emptied regularly and completely, there is a chance of toxin build-up and accumulation of a sludgy material along the walls of the colon. This becomes a favorable breeding ground for bacteria and leads to potential health risks.

Toxins can also seep out of the colon and enter the bloodstream, from there they can go wherever they like in the body. This exposes internal organs to certain risks.

Detoxification of the colon eliminates the buildup of bacteria, toxins and carcinogens from the colon, improves the absorption of nutrients and maintains a healthy intestinal flora.

Colon cleansing at home

There are many options for colon cleansing, but it is important to realize that some of them can be harmful and even dangerous for the overall health.

Laxatives and enemas are among the most popular methods, but every doctor will testify that they are not suitable for everyone and they should be used with caution. Laxatives often contain chemicals that only rinse off the bacteria and leftover fecal matter and do not eliminate the toxins. In addition, they can disturb the pattern of bowel movement, cause chronic constipation and even addiction.

Enemas are invasive and they can even be dangerous for kidneys, cause electrolyte imbalance and problems like irritable bowel syndrome and incontinence.

That being said, it is a much better idea to try using food to cleanse the colon. The best way to do it is to eat plenty of foods rich in fiber, especially fresh fruit and vegetables. Fatty and greasy foods, processed foods and snacks, as well as sugars, should be cut down or eliminated.

Water intake is also very important. Drinking plenty of water will allow the fiber to do its magic in the colon and it will flush out the toxins more efficiently, and with no side effects at all.

There are also foods that have a laxative effect when consumed, like prunes and prune juice. These, however, should be consumed in moderation.

If using colon cleanse products based on herbal ingredients, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Even though they are all-natural, herbal products are not suitable for everyone and they can have various adverse effects on the body, not to mention the allergies.

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