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Why is cleaning the colon so important?

The process of the detoxification of the organism is one of the most beneficial routines that should be done from time to time, since, with the less of the toxins in the digestive system, the better is the absorption of the vital necessary nutrients. However, the basis of the successful detoxification is the proper washing out of the colon. This process is so essential because a lot of the waste products tend to accumulate in the large intestine, since its natural function is to pass the stool all the way to the anal opening, where begins the defecation. In addition, this routine successfully prevents the very common problem of the blockage of the stool.

How to irrigate the colon the natural way?

So, first of all, the colonic irrigation is impossible to be performed with the depletion of water in the organism. Having that in mind, the first step must be based on the consumption of the significantly larger amounts of fluids, that is at least 1,6 liters of the fluids on a daily basis. For the best results, one should start every day with 2 dl of water even before the first meal, in order to prevent the accumulation of the solid substances by all means necessary.

Besides the fluids, some foods are especially beneficial for the colon irrigation, since they literally brush out the waste products from the colon. The most effective are the veggies such as spinach and broccoli, and, when it comes to the fruits, the most beneficial are the ones that encourage the bowel to contract more frequently and, therefore, to expel the stool on the regular basis. So, one should eat more bananas, apples, oranges, papaya and similar and, of course, all the foods rich in fibers. In addition, one should avoid the fast food, snacks and the other harmful stuff that is hardly digested (e.g. meat).

As far as the remedies based on the herbs are concerned, very effective for the process of cleansing the colon are the following: artichoke, garlic, dandelion, ginger, the root of burdock, the cayenne pepper and the black radish. Nevertheless, the consumption of these plants also helps the encouragement of the bowel contraction, which means that these herbs cleanse the colon the natural way.

Another effective technique is the irrigation with the use of the solution based on the warm water and the salt from the sea, rich in iodine. So, after the solution is prepared, it should be drunk right away, and usually within one third of an hour, the contraction of the bowel will occur and the feces won’t be solid.

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