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Taking a closer look to the problem of the stool blockage

Having in mind that the blockage of the stool, caused by the hardened feces, or as also referred to, the constipation, is very common disorder of the process of the digestion and the gastrointestinal system, it is natural thing that there are numerous solution for dealing effectively with this problem. The conventional therapy is the one based on the artificial medications, medically called laxatives, which encourage the bowel movements to become more forceful and frequent. These medications do solve the problem within rather a short period of time, however the trouble is that the synthetic substances almost always come along with some negative accompanying troubles.

Dealing with the problem the natural way

So, that is why it is recommendable to at least try the natural remedies based on the beneficial herbs, since they are as effective as laxatives, but not so invasive and dangerous for the organism. So, since the quality and resemblance of the stool are the reflection of the health of the individual and the ingested foods, it is necessary to know which foods are to be avoided, and which, on the other hand, have the same effect as the drugs mentioned above. Therefore, first of all, one should introduce more fiber rich foods into the eating regime, which acts like the cleansing agent of the intestines. But, it mustn't be forgotten which nutrients are needed for the normal digestion. Those are the vitamin A and the minerals copper and the potassium. So, thus prunes are could be considered as the natural laxatives.

Besides prunes, very beneficial foods are rhubarb and the seed from flax, since they contain the omega 3 fatty acids, the vitamins K and C, the minerals potassium and calcium and the substances which act like some brushing-off agents.

Concerning this matter, very valuable is also the oatmeal, and the similar foods which contain the high concentration of the whole grains, as the main ingredients. The key to the effectiveness of the fibers found in the whole grains, when it comes to this problem, is that they, along with the consumption of water, enlarge and bulk, and they are easily digested.

In addition, besides the mentioned, there are also some very valuable foods that act like the beneficial remedies for the removal of the blockage of the stool. Those are the juice extracted from Aloe Vera, the veggies rich in cellulose and chlorophyll, grapes, avocado, and of course, the enough of water should be drunk.

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