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Impacted colon is a condition caused by the long and gradual compressing of fecal matters inside the walls of the colon, and it should be treated as a serious condition because it causes the slow and weak function of the colon. Furthermore, the waste material stays in the colon and causes much distress. The colon obstruction usually causes the person to feel tired most of the day, but it can also cause the gaining of the body weight, as well as the improper absorption of toxins and elements.

A natural colon cleanser is the best manner to treat this condition. Herbs and fiber in the cleanser, along with a lot of war, are very effective in removing the fecal mass in the colon. The impacted colon occurs slowly and gradually, sometimes after many years of accumulation of fecal matter against the wall of the colon. Typically, this condition tends to aggravate as time passes. Since many problems can be arisen from colon obstruction, many people use colon cleansers because they are very powerful. When they use them, they can notice long black strings of fecal material.

Symptoms of impacted colon

The symptoms of this condition can be easily detected. The most obvious symptom of impacted colon is painful or troublesome bowel movement. Furthermore, the stools are usually very narrow, which happens because the passage in the colon is narrowed, since, the fecal matter is accumulated on the walls. People who suffer from impacted colon may also experience abdominal cramps and pain. Bad breath is also one of the symptoms of colon impaction.

Treatment of impacted colon

It is not necessary to go to a doctor immediately when impacted colon symptoms are noticed, but people with this problem may try to solve the problem alone by themselves first. For the beginning, they should change the diet, which means that they should consummate foods rich in fiber, such as dark green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. If this is not helpful, then eating apples and raw vegetables is recommended. Furthermore, drinking water and fluids as much as possible is highly recommended. However, if this diet is not effective and colon is still impacted, certain pills may help. The last option to clean the colon is irrigation of it by pumping warm water into the colon. If all these methods are not helpful, then it is recommended to go and seek a medical opinion.

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