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Excess is never good

Our bodies need to sweat now and then in order for the thermoregulation to take its proper course. But, of course, as with anything else, having issues with excessive sweating is far from desirable and pleasant. Even though it is not severe in nature, and it does not affect one’s health significantly, it is still a condition can affect person’s mental health in the sense that it can cause quite a lot of embarrassment. Parts of the body that are most prone to sweating are, of course, our underarms. And the condition in question is officially in medical circles known as “axillary hyperhidrosis”.

Who is to be blamed?

As many would have figured it by now, genetics and predispositions are the main “culprits”. In fact, the sweat as such has no distinct odor, but what makes it so unpleasant is the presence of bacteria. Another quite frequent cause is improper hygiene – bathing that is not thorough and unattended armpits result in brakeage of unbearable sweat. In addition, clothes can make the entire matter even worse. Namely, such pieces of garment made from silk, nylon and alike materials are known to be the main facilitators of sweating and unpleasant odors.

One aspect that will certainly not be appreciated by many is that in case this condition is genetically predetermined, a person in question will never be able to fight it off completely. However, numerous methods and techniques that are available help people diminish this unpleasant condition to such an extent that it becomes barely noticeable. This way they are going to bring their confidence back and continue with their lives in an utterly satisfactory manner.

How to defeat it?

Having medical treatment techniques in mind, those that proved to be most helpful and effective are the following:

Antiperspirants – with the most prominent representative in the form of aluminum chloride hexahydrate. Therefore, if you go for an antiperspirant containing this substance, you will surely make no mistake.Iontophoresis – tackles the problem in the way that it blocks the sweat glands, thus disabling them from excessive sweating. For this purpose, it employs the conducting powers of water to conduct electric current to the skin. It is not painful as it may sound, and in order for it to be effective, one needs to undergo at least 2-4 sessions in the course of the week (each lasts approximately 20 minutes)

Other quite beneficial techniques and therapies include the use of oral medications such as Rubinol, which is, due to the downsides, recommended only in those most severe cases. Also at one’s disposal are Thoracis Sympathectomy, Botox injections and alike.

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