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Lots of expectant parents are very curious about whether their developing baby is a boy or a girl, starting from the earliest point in their pregnancy. The Intelligender urine test inventors know this, and developed their test to offer those moms and dads to be some fun. You can read more about how the test works in our previous post What is Intelligender? At around $30 a test, Intelligender is quite expensive. If you want to do some gender experiments but don't feel like spending the money, there are some natural and cheap alternatives to Intelligender. Want to know what they are? Read on for more information!

Ph sticks

You can buy Ph sticks to measure the quality of water very cheaply and almost anywhere. Since Intelligender and similar tests actually work by measuring the Ph factor of your urine, I would assume that the results you'd get by doing a "Ph stick test" would be extremely similar to those from Intelligender. Low Ph factors would indicate that you are expecting a girl, while high Ph factors would point to a boy. Just like Intelligender, this would be more for fun than for accuracy.

Baking soda

Baking soda has numerous uses for pregnancy and babies. You can dissolve some baking soda into a glass of water to gain relief from frequent episodes of heartburn, for instance. And bathing a baby with a bad diaper rash in water with a little baking soda often resolves the problem. Now, you can add gender testing to the list. Some folks say that urinating into a cup with a few teaspoons of the stuff can give you insights into your baby's sex. If the mixture foams like beer, you might have a boy. Pop-like bubbles supposedly tell you your little one is a girl. Sounds like an old wives' tale to me, but a fun one nonetheless.

Red cabbage test

For the red cabbage test, go and find some red cabbage and boil it. Pee in a cup and add as much cooked cabbage as there is urine. Pink mixtures mean boy, while dark purples glasses would point you to a girl. Have you done any of these tests? What were your results?

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