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Nature to the rescue

When it comes tokeeping the overall health of the eyes, people have increasingly began toemploy eye drops of natural origin, and found them to be a far better optionthan those that conventional medicine has to offer. With such diseases andillnesses that affect the eyes most often, as dry eyes or redness of the eyes, peoplemost often seek a solution in the form of the eye drops over-the-counter. But,even though these conventional options do consist of medicated salinesolutions, what they also contain are various different preservatives, as wellas chemicals synthetic in origin, that have often proven to bring about eyeirritation. And quite often, people do come down with an allergic reactiondirectly induced by the eye drops in question. Since in the recent years thenumber of people suffering from such allergies has significantly increased, as better,healthier and more effective option, people have begun to opt for natural eyedrops.

Make your own naturaleye remedy

As an extremelybeneficial means of bringing the overall health of your eyes to a higher level,natural eye drops are quite often among doctors’ recommendations. Anotherupside to this is that these can be made quite easy and so in the comfort ofyour own home. However, one important thing to always bear in mind is that onemust at all times pay close attention during the making, for improperly madeeye solutions will not only give no results, but it will also most surely causean eye infection.

Thefirst step is to acquire the distilled organic water. The regular variety ofwater, i.e. the tap water or drinking water are not to be employed in themaking. The main reason for this is that the water we use for drinking doeshave the microbes that might not be damaging to the body, but are certainlydamaging to the eyes.Ingredientnumber two is the baking soda. Aside from this, a person will also be needingan ionized salt, in fairly small quantities. In order to measure it properly, one will also be needing a measuring spoon and a measuring cup.Anotheressential “tool” is the eye dropper, that can be bought in just about anyhealth storeNextstep to undertake is to fill a container with water, place the eye dropper init and heat it up to the boiling point. What this does is exterminate all thebacteria that are present in the eye dropper, and enables the best possible sterilization.The final step is to take a cup of distilledorganic water and add a pinch of baking soda with one quarter of teaspoon ofsalt. Next, let this mixture boil for a minute or two, leaving it to cool downa bit afterwards. Finally, you take two drops by way of an eye dropper and put in the eye/eyes.

Word of caution:though this is extremely efficient in alleviating the above-mentioned eyeconditions and infections, it is of utmost importance to prepare the naturalsolution in a proper way in order to avoid irritating and worsening thecondition further.

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