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The Intelligender home-test was designed to help curious parents. According to Intelligender, women from 10 weeks into their pregnancy can take the test to see whether they are more likely to have a boy or a girl. Many women will not have had an ultrasound in the first trimester, and those who did are very unlikely to have found out their baby's gender at that time. If you are thinking about taking the Intelligender test, you probably want to know if it is accurate first.

An interesting study about the accuracy of home fertility tests suggested that Intelligender had no data to back up the idea that the test can accurately predict a baby's gender. I say "idea" rather than "claim" because the makers of Intelligender don't say anywhere that the test is supposed to be 100 percent accurate, or any other percent accurate. According to the woman who invented Intelligender, the test is mean to be a bit of fun to quell parents' curiosity during early pregnancy.

So no in short, the Intelligender test is not accurate. Buy it if you think it will be fun, and you don't mind paying $30 dollars for it. You could also shop around for special offers (they exist online and offline!) or look into one of the natural and cheap alternatives to Intelligender we wrote about earlier. And remember, just as there are many reasons to find out your baby's gender before birth, there are plenty of things to say for keeping it a surprise too.

If I ever have another baby, I will definitely refrain from finding out whether it is a boy or a girl and wait for that special moment just after birth to find out. Knowing my babies' genders before they were born did not do much to get to know them in utero their personalities have very little to do with their gender. And now that I have baby clothes for boys and girls, I have no reason to find out!

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