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Nothing can guarantee conceiving a baby of a certain sex, but there are some things couples who want to get pregnant with a boy can do to swing the odds in their favor, and the same goes for those who would like to conceive a girl. "Natural gender selection" methods are not suitable for those who exclusively want a baby of a certain sex, but if you have a slight preference, you can try. How?

Getting pregnant with a boy using the Shettles method

The Shettles method is a fairly popular method to conceive a baby of your chosen gender. The inventor, Dr Landrum Shettles, found that sperm move faster or slower according to the chromosome they carry, and also that "male" and "female" sperm survive Differing amounts of time in the female body. Sperm with Y chromosomes, which would help make a boy, are faster but survive short according to Dr Shettles. Therefore, Dr Shettles advised couples who are hoping for a boy to have intercourse up to one day before ovulation, and up to 12 hours after a positive ovulation test. But Shettles, who also wrote a book, received many criticisms too and his method has not been proven at all. Other scientists were not able to recreate his findings. You can use this method for fun, but not for its scientific reliability.

And how about the Whelan method?

There are more stars in the universe, obviously, and the Whelan method is another so-called natural gender selection method named after its inventor, in this case a doctor called Elizabeth Whelan. Her suggestions are in direction contradiction to those of Dr Shettles. Whelan says that couples who have sex earlier on in the menstrual cycle have a better chance of conceiving a boy. There is even research to "back up" that approximately 68 percent of the couples who used Whelan's method actually conceived their chosen gender. The only catch? The research was organized by... Dr Elizabeth Whelan! With all our wishes to control events in our life, even down to the gender of our not yet conceived babies, perhaps the human race should realize there are just some things we don't control!

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