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There are many ways to deal with gout, both pharmacological and natural. This chronic and recurring form of inflammatory arthritis, characterized by red, painful and swollen joints, can be managed in many ways and one of the simplest ways is water consumption. However, not all types of water work the same, and alkaline water seems to be the best solution.

Alkaline water for gout

Alkaline water or ionized water has a higher pH value that other types of water. It also has more oxygen, in the form of OH- and not O2. Drinking this water makes the body become less acidic and more alkaline, which leads to more significant excretion of uric acid. Since uric acid is responsible for gout and its bouts, most conventional and alternative forms of treatment for gout focus on reducing the levels of uric acid in the body. The target level of uric acid in gout treatment is 6.0 mg/dL for men, less than that for women. Drinking ample amounts of alkaline water is bound to reduce uric acid to those levels relatively quickly.

Another beneficial thing about alkaline water is its antioxidant property. This is important because gout attacks raise the number of free radicals, and antioxidants are there to fight them.

After a certain period of drinking alkaline water, the person suffering from gout should test his or her body’s alkalinity. This can be done with pH test strips or sticks for testing the saliva, which is a good indicator of alkalinity or acidity.

Many gout sufferers, especially those who have tried both pharmacological and alternative treatments for this condition, have testified that alkaline is a good solution for their problem, and there are some who have not had a gout attack for two or more years, ever since they started drinking alkaline water.

Making alkaline water

Ready-made alkaline water is not widely available in grocery stores and supermarkets, but fortunately it can easily be made at home. In order to do so, it is required to have either alkaline drops or a water ionizer.

Alkaline drops can be purchased online and they are not very expensive, and water ionizers are devices that are installed on water taps. The ionizers are more expensive than drops, but they pay off on the long run. Their prices range from 800 to 2.000 dollars, and the filters that are replaced every nine months cost around 60 dollars.

Ionizers are probably a better choice than alkaline drops for another reason. They can be adjusted to produce water with different pH levels. They can also purify the water and leave acidic water as well, which is useful for certain purposes.

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