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Being a “freshly-made” father, puts you in quite an awkward position. Namely, there are great chances that you will not have a single idea about what you are going to do once the baby comes. Moreover, you might be troubled by numerous myths about parenthood, placing you in the second place of this process. Also, you might be fearing that you will fail to be a good father to your future child due to these factors. However, there are probably no reasons for concern, as long as you face the myths and prove them meaningless.

The Greatest Myth about Fatherhood

The most ridiculous myth about being a good father is the one that claims that there is a single good father figure available for you to copy and imitate. Fatherhood is not a system, nor is it a programmed set of emotions and behavior. Rather, being a father is a wonderful, unique experience for every single individual. So, do not get all worried about what others say and do not waste your time trying to fit in or fulfill some expectations. Be a good father. No, be an excellent father and make your child happy, whatever that might mean. It may all be a process of trial and error. However, eventually, you will get there since all males have the father figure hidden somewhere within.

Other Myths about Fatherhood

The first myth we are discussing here is the one claiming that the mother's feelings are the only ones important, during the pregnancy. This is not true. Of course, the mother needs all of your attention and support since she is undergoing numerous bodily changes, advancing towards the process of giving birth. Nevertheless, you are exposed to the process as well and during the labor you are faced with numerous concerns about the health of both the mother and the child. So, emotionally, you are a part of the process too. So, do not forget or deny that. Share your feelings with your expecting partner and have a say. She probably needs this as an affirmation of your affection for both her and the baby.

The second myth is a cruel one, saying that children do not actually need fathers. Clearly, this is nonsense. A father figure is equally crucial as the mother figure is. So, be there for the child as much as you can, hold him/her, keep him/her safe, communicate and bond. This will help your partner since you will be sharing responsibility. Also, this will help you to get to know your baby better.

Next, do not believe that you cannot be a good father since men “do not have it in them”. You just need more time than women do. So, be patient and show the world that it is wrong.

Additionally, do not believe that the child will stand between your career and your parenthood. Put the baby first and do not be afraid to sacrifice the material advancements for good parenting. Parenthood gives you more than you can possibly imagine. Thus, do not throw it away or neglect it.

Finally, if you father was a bad parent, you do not have to be one, contrary to popular beliefs. Being a father is a unique, personal experience. So, enjoy the ride and do not worry about empty myths and words. Wait, and let your child be the judge.

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