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Being a teenage father is quite a difficult task. Basically, you are faced with the task of bringing up a child while still being a child yourself. Therefore, many extremely young fathers fail to be good, or any kind of fathers, for that matter. Subsequently, many organizations for prevention of teen pregnancies are actually trying to prevent teenage fatherhood as well. Our global experience teaches us that fathers need to reach a certain stadium of life when they are ready to dedicate their lives to their children and create bonds with them. Teenage years are simply not that time.

The Effects of Teenage Parenthood

Many teenage girls who give birth to babies become single mothers. This kind of life creates a greater chance of financial problems withing the household where the child lives and grows up. The absence of the father can easily lead to early dropping out of school, abusing drugs, getting incarcerated or suffering from some kind of emotional or behavioral problems. So, a father figure is very important for the proper and successful development of children.

Furthermore, teen girls who do not have their father around are more likely to have sex at an early stage of their lives, increasing the risk of teenage pregnancies. A healthy father-daughter relationship is necessary for preventing this since teenage girls who have problems with their fathers are more prone to early sexual experiences too.

The same goes for boys. Namely, those who live with both of their parents, lose their virginity later than boys with a single parent.

Other Problems Regarding Teenage Parenthood

Teenagers are still not capable of understanding the weight and seriousness of having a child. Sometimes, they get pregnant or become fathers only to realize that they cannot possibly provide a happy life for the child, neither financially, nor emotionally.

Fortunately, with the help of the media and many organizations for prevention of unwanted pregnancies, many teenagers are using condoms and are aware of the importance of contraception. However, teen girls are more likely to support divorce and single parenting than teen boys, as many researches have shown.

Being a Good Teen Father

Statistically, only 2 out of 10 teenage fathers actually marry the mother they impregnated. Once the father is absent, he is likely to provide only $800 a year, or even less, for the child. Teen fathers are prone to having low education levels and low income. Also, there is a whole plethora of emotional and personal issues, whenever you perceive someone who became a father accidentally and at a very young age.

All in all, teenagers should wait before becoming fathers. The odds are against them and they are not responsible enough nor capable of providing for or taking good care of their own family or children.

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