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Men go through many different roles throughout their lives, some of which are permanent while some are temporary. They are brothers, sons, husbands and, eventually fathers. The latter role is the most demanding one, triggering many changes in the lives of men. In most cases, new fathers are overwhelmed with many types of emotions, knowing that something quite big is ahead of them. Fatherhood is known to change men in a positive way, making them more responsible and caring, turning them into better people.

Being a Father

Fatherhood starts from the very moment of conception. Basically, being a father is a state of body and mind which needs to emerge during your partner’s pregnancy. You need to be there to support your wife, undergoing all the changes that pregnancy goes hand-in-hand with. Fathers need to take part in more household work, allowing their wives more time to rest and prepare for labor. Additionally, foot massages, cooking and getting groceries are all parts of father’s work. The mother-to-be needs all the rest she can get and father needs to provide this the best way he can.

Father and Child Relationship

Even though many wrongfully claim that a father is not necessary in the life of a child, this statement can freely be labeled as utter nonsense. Namely, the role of the father is equally important as that of the mother during the life of a child. However, the ideal father needs to be involved in his child’s life actively, providing support and bonding through time spent together.

Statistics show that children who spend constructive time with their fathers have better grades and are less prone to problems in school. On the other hand, children from single parent families are prone to leading lives in gangs, using drugs and engaging in premature sexual intercourse. So, a good father is necessary in the life of every child, from the moment of conception, until the end of the father’s life.

Nothing is more rewarding and enjoyable as bringing up a good, smart and successful child. The road to this goal is full of obstacles. Yet, the finish line is something that cannot be compared to any other feeling a human being can experience.

Thus, all you fathers-to-be, as soon as you find out that you are going to be a father, accept the change and feel the difference in your purpose. Your life is no longer your own. Rather, you live for the life being created inside your wife’s womb. Believe it or not, this is the happiest moment of your life. Embrace it.

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