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Once a new baby comes into the life of a new father and mother, this brings many changes. Basically, they need to learn how to get used to the new baby and how to bond with him/her and all the wonderful new factors of parenthood. However, some of these factors, such as sleeplessness, noise and numerous demands are often bittersweet.

The Cruel Reality of Fatherhood

Mothers are commonly in charge of the new baby, since fathers need to work during this period and are usually absent from home when the baby is awake. This prevents them from bonding adequately and creates many challenges and problems in this respect. Fortunately, until this world becomes more father-friendly, new dads can find techniques which can help them bond with their new child better. The lines below will present you will the experts' opinions on the subject.

How to Bond with Your Baby

First of all, you should never compete with the mother. The mother is biologically designed for the task and has the backup of her hormones, instincts and breastfeeding, as well as the whole process of carrying the child, all of which contribute to her part of the bonding. Thus, you cannot possibly compete with the nature. Rather, try to learn from the mother and give your best to be a great bonding father.

Secondly, taking into consideration that babies cannot communicate in many details, you need to be there for them in order to bond. Touching, placing your baby close to your chest, massaging him/her and just being there for him/her is a great step towards creating a connection which will never fade. Babies enjoy skin-to-skin contact and you will too, once you get to know your little bundle of love better.

Eye contact is incredibly important too. While holding your baby near the chest, you will realize that this is the perfect position for making eye contact. Through this connection, you will get closer to your baby, and the father-child magic is bound to be born.

Another thing that babies love is music. Find some nice and slow, relaxing music and dance with your baby, holding him/her and swinging him/her around. Once the playtime is over and it is the time for sleep, lullabies are a great way of allowing your baby to sleep carelessly, knowing that you are there to be by his/her side.

Finally, if you are not sure what to do – improvise. Babies do not come with instructions, after all. So, you have all the freedom to explore and share feelings and actions with your baby, finding out what your mutual interests are. If you are stuck, seek medical advice or consult with the mum or your own parents. Either way, be there as a father, through your child's life, patiently offering nothing but love, caring and support for your child. He/she needs it more than you can possibly imagine.

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