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Once you are about to become a father, you are entering a process of numerous changes, both emotional and behavioral, sometimes even without being aware of these. Thus, you need to stay aware of certain factors going on and do your best to be as supportive and involved in your partner's pregnancy as you can.

The Super Dad

A future father needs to be a good father even before his child is born. Thus, you and your partner need to be connected at all times and have a clear plan about the labor, once it starts taking place. Namely, you need to know where this event will take place and arrange everything in advance. If you need to drive your partner to the hospital, make sure your car has enough petrol and that it is working properly. You can even do a trial drive to the hospital and measure the time necessary for this trip.

Once this part is done, make sure you have your father's survival kit prepared. Pack snacks, a camera, enough memory cards and all other necessary items for you to record this wonderful moment forever.

When the Child Comes...

After you have successfully been rewarded with a blessing in the form of a child, you need to be aware that you will be watching every movement and every breath this little bundle of love makes. The midwife will be handing the baby to you at a certain moment. Do not fear holding the baby close to your chest, securing his/her head and neck.

This first encounter is usually overwhelming and many fathers cry at this point. If you are the emotional type, let it out. Also, you may immediately get bonded with the child, not wanting to leave it for a single second. Yet, you will probably be exhausted and in desperate need for a shuteye. Thus, call your parents and friends, let them know about the good news and go to sleep. Do not worry, you will have plenty of sleepless nights once your wife and the baby come home.

Once the child is home with the mother, seek all the help you can get from relatives and friends. The baby will need the mother to get fed and spend time with. You will also need to be involved in the process so you might want to take a few weeks off from work.

Finally, be there for your wife and your child. The child will need your affection and bonding and the wife will need it too, along with your support and cooperation. Make friends with your baby and create a bond that will never break. However, as you do so, do not neglect the household. When you get back to work, try not to stay overtime and balance your work and family obligations well.

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