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Many children grow up without their fathers to guide them. Amazingly, many of these individuals become excellent caring and devoted fathers themselves. This is quite astonishing, taking into consideration that these children did not have the father figure to look up to during their personality formation and life per se. However, mothers who know how important having a male figure to look up to is, direct their sons towards some other males in their lives who can make a positive impact.

The Ideal Father

Today, in the US alone, there are 8.3 million households which contain children under 18, living only with their mothers. These mothers do their best to find males who can present role models to their male children, teaching them important facts about life. Yet, these figures are not easy to find and there are certain characteristic every ideal father figure should have.

The Constituents of the Ideal Father

Even though they commonly hide it, boys need love and affection too. However, male love is a bit different than female love. The latter is displayed through gentle affection and open emotions while the former is founded on more covert feelings, manifesting through time spent together, taps on the shoulder, advice giving etc. Also, fathers teach their male children how to be good fathers themselves, through this rough love which is actually full of warmth and care.

The father figure also need to have open hands, spending time with the child through activities which are quite common and normal. Reading comic books, watching cartoons, playing with toys, all may seem like childish things for a grown-up to do. However, these are very important to the child and, by sharing your time with him/her, you show support and affection. Also, you teach the child to bond with his/her own children one day, doing the same.

The voice of the father is very important, in all the abstract sense possible. Basically, the father sets the rules and, even though it is all fun and games, the rules must be obeyed and set clear. No yelling or screaming is necessary. Rather, the voice should be clear and serious, allowing the child to realize that important matters are being discussed. Punishments need to be present and put to action in case the rules are broken.

Also, plenty of household work is handled by the father. So, male children should be involved in this process, learning new skills.

Dads are known for being jokers, commonly directing humor towards their children. However, this humor needs to be mild and friendly, teaching the children how to develop the same personal quality.

Finally, a father is also a husband. So, this role is equally important. The father should openly show his love for the mother, teaching the child about family values and the importance of emotions as well as love.

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