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Many people discuss what the best time of the day to exercise is. Depending on their opinions there are those convinced that only morning workout can make someone fit and those who believe in exercising in the evening.

When to Exercise?

Those claiming how morning workout routine provides best fitness results only if you exercise on an empty stomach may end up disappointed. This is not true and it could do much more harm to your body than good. Exercising before you had anything to eat is not good for anyone. Your body needs energy and if you haven’t had anything to fill your stomach, it won’t have this energy. To compensate, your body will use the muscles, break them down and provide sufficient amount of energy. Although many morning athletes claim that morning jogging or morning workout will burn excess fat – it won’t, unless you had your breakfast. Without some food you risk to lose some muscles and even slow down fat burning.

Exercising in the evening may help someone to sleep better and there’s nothing bad about that. However, exercising too late in the night, just before you plan to go to bed is not a good idea. You need some time to calm down after the workout. Your body needs that time and if you try to sleep right after you have finished running or weight lifting it might have some negative effects and cause sleeping difficulties.

The best advice anyone can give you about the perfect timing for exercise is – recognize what type of a person you are and do your routine at that time. It means that morning people should exercise in the morning, after properly waking up and eating some food, while evening person should try to work out in the evening, when he or she feels at his/her best.

Consistency Pays Off

In order to be fit you must be consistent, because this is the only way these things work. Depending on the personality, choose to exercise in the morning or in the evening.

For bigger and stronger muscles, trainers advise exercising in the evening hours, because human muscles are the warmest temperature of the day at that point. Also, lifting should go before cardio routine if you want more muscles. That way, you will have enough energy to perform at your best. Also, you should avoid doing too much cardio, because it will burn fat and some muscles with this fat, what you certainly don’t want.

All other people, who don’t want more muscles but just proper fitness can exercise in any order and they won’t have any problems.

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