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Most people believe that hypnosis is fraud because what they have seen on TV or heard from others that tend to be pure conjecture. Stage hypnosis is just a gimmick and is not used for helping people with specific health or physiological issues. The process of using medical hypnosis or hypnotherapy largely depends on the relationship established between the client and hypnotherapist. The main benefits of hypnosis are to assist clients to overcome an issue they may have without resorting to drugs.

Hypnosis and the Unconscious Mind

Most of what drives us is the programming that is stored within our unconscious mind just like a computer hard disc that is driven by software. If you put bad software into a computer all you get is garbage out of it. The unconscious mind is the same, bad self induced thoughts that are our programming will reflect on how we react to aspects of our lives. For example, if you are quick to anger, are driven by fears or driven by stress then these are examples of bad software that you have stored in your mind. Unless you change this software then issues relating to them will constantly reoccur throughout your life. Just a brief word on the conscious mind so there no misunderstanding. This part of the mind is like the RAM on a computer, it is constantly evaluating and processing information coming in through our main sensors, hearing, feeling and sounds. When this information has been evaluated, it is then posted into the unconscious mind to be used later. This could be good or bad thoughts.

How Hypnosis can Benefit You

People are scared of hypnotherapy because some believe they will be out of control in a deep trance that may expose their inner self to a stranger, namely the hypnotherapist. Nobody can be put into a trance unless they want to. Nobody can put suggestions into you unconscious mind that goes against who you are. For example, you cannot tell a client to kill someone. This goes against your makeup and the unconscious mind has a safety element to protect you from this. The basis of hypnosis is to help clients help themselves to lead a better and more fulfilling life without the use of medication. To help them cope with what they see as everyday problems can make their lives happier.

How it Works

Putting a client at ease and generating a feeling of trust between the client and the hypnotherapist is the basic premise. Discussing with client why they are there and what the goals are in achieving a desired result. Reassuring the client that total confidentially is the norm and establishing if there is any areas that the client does not wish to discuss builds up this trust. It is advised to explain the client that hypnosis is just an enhanced state of relaxation, that with the help of the hypnotherapist can be achieved.

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