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African American Skin

Skin of African American is darker than other skin types because of the presence of melanin. This skin pigment gives color to the skin and protects it from ultraviolet sun rays. Many African Americans look younger than they actually are. It is also a positive side of melanin.

On the negative side – melanin does protect their skin from sunburn, but at the same time disables the absorption of many products into the skin. African American people are more likely to have acne and their skin frequently becomes dry, since it loses water much faster. Darker skin often tends to look oily. Scientist can’t agree if that’s because the skin produces more sebum (skin oil) or is it because you notice dark oily skin more than white or yellow skin type.

Skin Care

Looking after your skin is always the same, regardless your skin color. Yes, certain skin types require some attention, but there are skin care tips useful for everyone, including African Americans. Both, men and women that have darker skin should look after it. Proper care doesn’t have anything to do with your sex or color of your skin.

Some disagree, claiming that almost all products available on the market are made for Caucasian skin. However, there are products designed especially for darker skin, and if you search you fill find them. Every time when you buy a cosmetic product make sure to check the label, because it should say for which skin type is made.

Obagi Nu-Derm is a skin care system designed for both sexes and people of all kind of skin types and colors. These products should even your skin tone and make your skin look healthier.

When it comes to your daily skin care there are several recommendations. Use warm water to wash your face. This has proven to be the best thing for dark oily skin, because warm water will remove excess sebum and the dirt off the face. Specialists advise not to scrub your face, for it might cause blackheads and acne.

One thing you should always be careful about – avoid products with synthetic substances. Some of these substances may cause allergies and others could affect your skin on the long run. Instead, opt for healthier – natural skin care. These skin care products will contain natural ingredients, which won’t irritate your skin. Another thing is that natural products will provide sufficient moisture to all, and especially for African American skin.

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