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The following lines will explain how you can perform skin care routine, after which you can apply foundation. Cleaning comes first and after it, use a toner and end with an exfoliation mask. On two occasions during the week this mask should be applied. The make-up can be ruined due to the presence of dead skin cells and they will be eliminated with a good exfoliation mask. Also, foundation will not ball up if you use exfoliation mask.

Moisturizer and Concealer

Moisturizing will follow and you should use a moisturizer with sunscreen included. If you like better a sheer layer of foundation, seek a moisturizer with tint. After this step is done, you will have to apply the powder. Get the moisturizer with SPF if you are not allergic to it and if you like normal coverage better. Concealer can be applied as the following step. You will get a perfect skin if you apply concealer at a problematic area and then apply a thin layer of powder. This will produce great results.


Foundation will be applied next. Mousse, sticks, crème to powder, creams and many other types of foundation are available so you will have to experiment and try a lot of them before you find the best one for each of the seasons. The foundation needs to be switched up if you have a problem with dry skin in the winter time. Use a brush to apply a powder foundation and then color cosmetics can be applied. The foundations should be applied sparingly if you have applied concealer as a base. Normal layer should be used if the concealer has been dotted on the skin. In order to avoid having your face and neck in different color, try to use an exact shade of the foundation. You also have to hide the area when the neck begins and the foundation ends, so try to blend everything at the jaw area. Try not to perform upward strokes when you apply foundation. Only use downward and outward strokes and use cosmetic wedge or fingers. Foundation can be soaked a lot into the cosmetic wedges but they are commonly used.


If you are using cream to powder foundation, do not apply the powder. For everyone else, this is the next step. This kind of foundation will become creamy and produce a light and powdery finish once it dries out. Also, less touch-up will be needed during the day. Use a powder puff or a large fluffy powder brush to apply the loose powder, while the cosmetic sponge or small powder puff should be used for application of pressed foundation. You can use strokes that you like when you apply the loose powder. Color will be the next step but your base is all set now. Mascara or some lip-gloss is advised for those who like natural look.

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