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What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is the well-known condition of spine. It is the condition when spine is incurved on the right or the left side, and it can also be recognized by the shoulders that are not even, by the hip that is very raised than another hip, waist that also is not even, pain, and similar. This well-known condition can causes so much pain and should be treated, so the person that suffers scoliosis would be able to have normal life. There are also different types of this condition. Some types of scoliosis are not so complicated, so the surgery is not necessary, but there are a lot of well-known cases of scoliosis that surgery is more than required.

One of the most usual cause of the spine incurving is genetic factor, but still there is no obvious reason for people suffer scoliosis.

Scoliosis also can produce some difficulties in children development such as bad lungs condition, and very ill-favored looks of spine. Among older people that suffer scoliosis causes a lot of pain.

The exercises that persons with scoliosis should practice every day

These special exercises help in the spine straightening and also make stronger and go on better the flexibility of the muscles that hold up spine, and that is the very important. The results could be excellent, and it is very important that the people that suffer scoliosis be assimilate to these exercise. Only if the person performs practice the exercises ordinarily and well recommended from the doctor, the results are guaranteed.

Usually, these special exercises should do the persons that suffer from the mild form of the scoliosis. The persons that suffer from the severe scoliosis unfortunately must have the surgery.

Usual and easiest exercises for back condition

The exercises that should be performed by the people that suffer scoliosis are actually different kinds of the stretching. But not also the stretching; as already been mentioned, the very important thing is that person that suffers scoliosis must grow stronger the spine muscles, so the first exercise should always be the Back Strengthening. It performs the way you lay on your tummy, put your hands behind the neck, and slowly lift the Head and shoulders.

Side stretch means that you should seat on your knees, outstretch the arms and move torso on the left and on the right.

Back stretch is when you are in cheer position and from that position you bend your head so you can touch your knees. Your hands are also behind your neck.

Spine extension is when you are on the floor on your tummy, and you lift your stretched arms and legs of the floor and head of the floor.

These are the basic exercise. And also very recommendable for scoliosis is yoga, but you should not perform yoga without good instructor.

However, with exercise your condition would be much better, and of course keep try!

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