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Herniated disc and the importance of exercising

Physical therapy can be a very helpful part of the treatment of herniated disc, particularly when it comes to exercises, because there are some that can actually alleviate the pain and thus help in the process of healing. It is important to have a qualified physical therapist who will evaluate whether the patient is able to perform the necessary exercises, and in cases of those who are, the therapist will make sure that they are performed in the right way. Once the patient learns how to perform them, they can be done at home and without the supervision. Even though some people might think that doing the exercises must be painful, it is not true because they are easy to perform and no pain should be felt at all. There is no point in pushing oneself beyond the limits and it will certainly not be beneficial; it can only aggravate the condition more and slow down the process of healing.

Exercises that help in cases of herniated disc

Abdominal isometrics, crunches, and lower back extension are some of the most frequently suggested exercises for herniated disc.

Abdominal isometrics can be performed while sitting, standing or lying down because they consist of simple breathing actually. The person needs to pull in the stomach muscles while breathing in, and hold the breath and stomach muscles pulled in as long as it is possible. Doing this 5 to 10 times a day in a series of 3 to 5 times should be enough.Crunches are done while lying on the back with the knees bent and hands crossed on the chest. The Head and shoulders are lifted off the floor in a way that the ribcage is curled towards the spine. This position needs to be held for a few seconds, and then the person can return to the initial position.Lower back extension is an exercise that has to be performed while lying on the stomach. The upper part of the body is propped on the elbows, but the pelvis needs to be kept on the floor and it is enough to hold this position as long as one feels comfortable. In case a person feels even the slightest pain, it is necessary to stop.

Regardless of the suggested exercises, the doctor or physical therapist will most likely suggest walking and swimming as well, because these activities help the body to stay active in a safe way.

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