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Older patients with bone problems may have issues with femur fractures. When this happens, the treatment will require surgery. There are fractures which are hard to treat, and such are comminuted distal femur fractures. The surgery will have to provide a stable fixation, which can be difficult to accomplish in some cases. People suffering from multiple fractures are such a case. But during the surgery some problems may happen. The doctor can detect that if an implant cannot be inserted, and the following steps will be determined by the specialist.

Today, this condition is relatively easy to treat, but in the past, it used to produce many problems. Traction was a problem. Because of this, problems like leg length were hard to sustain. Some conditions were possible, those include decubiti, danger of prolonged bed rest, complications with lungs, thrombosis, muscle anthropy and several others. Traction is used for the operation. The function of traction is to put the leg in normal position for the operation. But this treatment cannot be used for a long time, since it can make bed rest last very long. While performing the surgery, doctors have to put the leg in normal position and start with the healing. The leg should be fully functioning, if the treatment was a success. When this operation is performed, a doctor has to avoid arthritis and make the correct leg alignment. The fixation has to be appropriate for the problem. If the problem reoccurs, the stronger fixation has to be used. Bad fixations are the most common product of the inappropriate fixation. This condition is a result of trauma (high energy) in younger population and the trauma (low-energy) for the older population. There is a location in the distal femur which is very easily damaged. This is the point where stronger diaphyseal bone connects with the metaphyseal bone, which is thinner and weaker. Fractures can be caused by a fall, which is the most common cause in the older population. For the younger population, vascular injury or open wound can be the cause.

But whatever the cause is, the limb in question has to be properly examined by a professional. The incision made for this operation, is located on fascia lata. For the doctor, we have stated, the proper fixation and implant are crucial. But remember that not all the fractures have to be treated with surgery. If the problem is not that severe or the patient cannot be put under anesthesia for some reason, braces can be used for treatments. But the problem, however serious, has to treated, since the complications can be extremely serious.

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