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The brain is an extremely complicated and complex organ. It is not predictable, and needs to be properly taken care of. Over time, brain function and capacity can deteriorate. Aging plays an important role in this deterioration, and thus it is important to stimulate and exercise the brain, rather than letting it become unused and stagnant.

Brain Exercises

Make sure to keep the mind occupied as much as possible. One way to do this might be to play games that challenging and exercise the intellect. There are many games that require the developing of strategy and tactics. Some such games are chess, scrabble, and sudoku. These games get you thinking about how to formulate ways to finish or win the game. Some other types of games are crosswords, brain teasers , and memory games.
Physical exercise is another great way to exercise ones brain. While we exercise the body, we also exercise our brain. Physical activity replenishes our vitality and vigor, and sports such as table tennis, tennis, squash, and swimming are recommended for this purpose.
Reading and writing are great ways to keep ones mind active. It helps us to keep the mind active and helps us to pass the time efficiently and enjoyably. One can also incorporate reading into certain types of activity. For example, if you read cooking recipes, you might also be able to try them out. As for writing, even an activity as simple as writing a diary can be a great mental challenge. One can also try maintaining an online blog. This is in effect an internet diary that allows you to display your work or thoughts about anything with people on the internet.
Joining the club
It might also be a good idea to join a club of some kind, or embark on a learning class. Book clubs can be a great way to keep busy while also exercising your mind and maintaining a social circle. However, there are many other types of club that one could try out. One might also try classes that focus on yoga, cooking, painting, pottery, zumba, and so on.
In conclusion, the most important thing for senior citizens is to remain active, both physically and mentally. Stimulating both the brain and the body is vital as we age, so be sure to try out some of the ideas that have been proposed here. Exercising the brain will also help to stave off problems such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

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