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Being a successful and famous bodybuilder is a dream of many that enter the realm of weights. But entering that realm and reaching the mentioned goal does not depend solely on weights and exercises because our body has its own natural limits which can be exceeded only with the power of supplements.

Pro et contra

Using supplements is something so normal today that you can only occasionally find someone in the gym who trains dedicatedly and rigorously without those products. Bodybuilders today, even if they do not enter the competition, still use supplements in order to achieve a creation of the perfect, muscular body. Taking supplements few decades ago was a taboo, even though it was obvious even then that super bodies need additional support. And back then products were not as safe as those made today, which was the main reason for not using the supplements. Today is a different story, since all medical and supplemental products have to pass rigorous analysis in order to determine the safety for human health. Also, the trend of modern days is praising fit and strong body with increased and defined muscle mass, when it comes to both men and women.


Supplements are roughly divided into two groups. One group is for reducing excessive fat tissue, famous fat burners, while the other group includes product needed for increasing muscle mass (hardgainer supplements). All products, no matter which group we are talking about, are most effective if combined with exercise. If not, the result will be greatly reduced. As for hardgainers best supplements, we can say that the best thing might be different in each case. Although the basic metabolism is the same, metabolism still differs from person to person and it has to be regarded when choosing a supplement. Some of the most used hardgainers are those that increase and enhance the production of ATP (main energy source in our organisms) such as Creatine and Ribose. Testosterone support is also important and in this field Tribulus Testeris and ZMA are excellent choice. As for weight increase and proteins, ProLab N Large 2 is a thing that should be tried. The amount of money needed for these products varies about 250 dollars and they might last for about 2 cycles.

Whatever the choice, one thing is recommended, before using any additional support it might be a good thing to do some medical check up, blood work and similar, just in case there might be some allergic reactions.  

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