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Hypoglycemia is actually the condition characterized by the low level of sugar in the blood, and even people who do not have any health issues can experience it. However, this syndrome is more typical of people who suffer from some kind of diabetes, or those with pre-diabetes who are resistant to insulin. It is not excluded that some medications will cause hypoglycemia, too.

The reason why it is important that the level of sugar in the blood is always optimal is related to the fact that sugar, or glucose, is actually some kind of the fuel that our body needs in order to work, but what is even more important is that it is absolutely necessary for the brain to function properly. And, while human body stores a form of sugar in the liver, and is able to convert it into the real sugar if and when necessary, the brain does not have that ability, but it depends on the rest of the body, which means that the drop in the level of glucose in the blood may seriously affect brain functioning.

Supplements for hypoglycemia

Besides the fact that all those who suffer from hypoglycemia should eat several times a day, they should avoid processed and fried foods, saturated fats, foods containing sugar and refined white flour. Food rich in fiber, both soluble and insoluble, is also highly recommended because, it is much more slowly absorbed and keeps a person full for a longer time. Carbohydrates and proteins are also important, but supplements are something that can really help in stabilizing fluctuations of the sugar in the blood. The doctors and nutritionists will help in choosing the right supplements, so it is best to consult them, but here we will give a list of the supplements that might be useful in cases of hypoglycemia:

Glutathione, is a supplement which is helpful in the process of converting glucose into energy. Pyrydoxine is a vitamin that may lead to the glucose intolerance if the body lacks it. Vitamin B complex helps a body digest the food that produces low blood sugar, but it also affects the production of certain acid necessary for digestion. Chromium is another useful supplement, because it helps glucose to get into cells, and thus may lead to the increase of lean body mass. Potassium, zinc, magnesium, vitamins A, C, and D, manganese and calcium are also some of the supplements that should be used in cases of people who have hypoglycemia, because they are very beneficial, but I-carnitine and I-glutamine should not be excluded from this list, either.

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