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Peoplewho are attempting to increase their “body size” should be aware that it doesnot just take a pill for this to happen but there are numerous other steps tobe taken in order to accomplish this. One of those things is getting plenty ofexercise, and not just the average one, but more intensive and more strenuousthan all the commonly adhered to exercise programmes. Another necessaryprecondition is to eat healthy and nutritious diet. Only then, when theessential foundations have been set, should a person add a supplement, because doing that without the previous two steps is just a simple waste of effort andmoney.

Supplementsthat do good

Protein Powders – given the fact that proteins are at the foundation of every healthy diet, that should be the case with supplements as well. Since sometimes it can be a bit difficult to acquire all the proteins your body needs just from regular healthy food, supplements should be employed – 1 to 1.5 g per pound of your body weight and on a daily basis by means of the supplement in question.Creatine – is the substance that almost everybody is familiar with, and also with its effectiveness – bodybuilders especially. This substance is actually an energy molecule whose role is to strengthen our muscles. And we all know that, when a person boosts the strength, then he/she becomes bigger. Another plus side of it is that it has the ability to pump water into our muscles and thus boost their growing potential. As far as dosage is concerned, a person should take 5 g prior to and once the training sessions is over, and do so in combination with whey protein and minimum 40 g of carbohydrates.Glutamine – belongs to the category of amino acids and has proven to be extremely helpful in moments when our body suffers intense stress and is under a lot of pressure. This substance also aids in enhancing body’s ability to store glycogen – additional amounts of carbohydrates situated in our muscles. Overall, these stored amounts of glycogen have been directly connected to the (muscle) growth. Yet another benefit of the substance in question is its ability to curb the production and decrease the quantities of the substance cortisol, which is regarded as a negative stress hormone. Recommended dosage is 5 g upon waking up, and then 5 g again prior and once the training session is over, as well as 5 g prior to going to bed at night.

Otheressential and extremely helpful supplements include branched-chain amino acids – 5 g of a BCAA producthigh in leucine, potassium in combination with vitamin C and E and zinc-magnesium complex.

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