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There is a variety of the supplementsavailable on the market, but the focus of our text will be the ones that arebest for boxing training. Since this sport demands big muscles, whereas gainingweight and bulking is not wanted, the boxers need supplements with theseeffects. If you train boxing, you are in need for speed, fluidity and strength.But as we have said, the most important thing is the improvement of thephysique, while bulking and weight gaining needs to be avoided.


Boxers need lean muscle mass,they need to be fast and strong, but they also need to avoid getting into theheavier class. The most useful supplements boxers can use are glutamine,antioxidants, arginine and whey protein. The first we will cover more in detailis whey protein. Protein is needed for the boxers since they need strength, butthey do not need additional weight. This is when whey protein comes into play.You can put this protein in the bowl with cereals or protein shake and it willhelp you take in the needed proteins, while, since it is very low in calories,you will not put on weight. It will give you strength boost if you use it aftera hard training.

Next supplement we will cover isglutamine. This amino acid will make your muscles bigger. Although glutaminecan be found in human muscles, it needs to be consumed additionally. If you usethis supplement, you will improve the quality and speed of the muscle repairand limit the possible danger for those muscles from exercising and theworkout. It will help you work more productively in the gym.

Antioxidants canalso be used. They can be found in many items, but the best are acai berriesand green tea. Antioxidants can be found in every berry fruit. You can useantioxidant from the food, but since they are not strong enough, you will needto take some supplements as well.

Arginine is also amino acid that will helpboxers to gain lean muscle mass. It has many effects, but the most important isthe elimination of free radicals. This is a good thing, since they can causemuscle cell damage. We have given you a list of supplement with beneficialeffects on the boxing training, but there are also those with unwanted effect.Those are weight gain supplements or any kind of supplements that advertisefast increase of muscle mass. Remember to incorporate the mentioned protein andamino acids and you will get the results you wanted.

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