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Mange is a rare disease in humans, but still, a person can get infected from it by parasitic mites. It is skin disorder and we are going to inform you about the symptoms and treatment methods for mange. This skin disorder is also known under the name of scabies, and it is caused by mites, small insects that have no wings and their scientific name is sarcoptes scabiei. After entering the upper layer of the skin, mites start burrowing beneath the skin and lying eggs along the way. Their food is human skin and hair follicle secretion. They live 10-17 days and during that time they cause irritation and itching that increases day after day. After mating, female mite lays eggs 2 or 3 times per day and after 3-4 days, a larva comes out and starts its own life cycle. 10-17 days have to pass in order for larvae to become an adult mite. Mange is contagious condition and it is transferred from person to person very fast, most usually through close contact. Crusted scabies belong to the mange diseases, but it is much more severe condition than ordinary mange.

Symptoms of mange in people

Most usually, symptoms of mange are manifested as itching and redness of the skin. Also, very small bite marks on the skin may occur causing discomfort, especially, during night. Babies who are infected can experience itching on the head and neck, while children usually have an itching sensation on the scalp, feet, soles and palms. The red scabies rash can appear in the folds that are found on the body. Unless a person had scabies before, symptoms cannot be noticed. Symptoms that appear due to crusted scabies are much worse. Crusts or scales appear on the skin and in them a very large number of live mites and eggs are hidden. People who suffer from a condition such as AIDS and other conditions that tend to weaken our immune system are at risk of becoming infected from crusted scabies.


In case of a mange infection it is best to visit a doctor, because medicines prescribed by a professional are the best solution for dealing with this condition. In most cases, doctors prescribe scabicide lotion that is applied on the whole body. Along with this lotion, some steps that are to stop mange from spreading have to be undertaken. For example, a treated person has to cut nails, restrain from scratching, wash clothes with warm water, seal stuffed things for a weak, clean thoroughly the carpets, furniture and inside of the car so that every mite is removed.

It is also important to avoid contact with other people as long as a person has mites, so that it is not spread to others. In short, cleanliness is the best possible prevention for mites and it saves you from a lot of unnecessary worry and discomfort.

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