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During your nine months of pregnancy you will notice a whole array of the symptoms. Some of these symptoms can include rashes on various parts of your body, this can sometimes be down to the weather changes or dry skin or even an allergy to something. On the other hand if that rash is very itchy or looks quite red then this could mean something else entirely. There are many types of rashes that people can get but one option is scabies.

What are Scabies

Small mites that live underneath the top layer of a person’s skin are what are known as scabies. Usually they will stay in areas such as the thighs, elbows and the hands. It is important that if you suspect scabies then you see your doctor straight away to seek a remedy before the condition gets any worse.

Scabies and Pregnancy

All people and particularly pregnant women can straightforwardly be infected with scabies and the main cause of the infection is by touching another person’s skin. Also if you share clothes with another person or use the same bedding or towels that are infected you may catch this illness. This does not mean that a brief shake of a hand or a hug will transmit the mites. Animals cannot pass the mites onto a human because they are different types of mites.

Scabies Treatment at Some Stage in Pregnancy

There are in fact treatments that are safe for a pregnant woman to use to treat scabies whilst she is pregnant, one being scabicide. However, it is, of course, always advisable to talk to your doctor prior to taking any form of medication whether it is topical or oral. Permethrin is another option you can use in pregnancy. It is highly effective but the downfall is that you have to put it all over your body from your head down to your toes and leave it on your body all night and this means for twelve hours. After which it can be washed off as usual and it can then be repeated a week later. Derbac-M can be found in most medical shops and is very popular for pregnant women to use because research have proven it has no side effects what so ever. Sulfur needs to be put on with petrolatum but be warned that the FDA has not yet approved the use of sulfur. There are no side effects but it is recommended to use the other options mentioned first.

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