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Skin disease produced by amicroscopic mite is named demodicosis, while the name used for the mite isdemodex canis. There are two other names used for this condition and they aredemodex and red mange. This condition is not contagious. Some studies showthat this condition can be produced because of genetics. Sometimes, maintainingthe problem can be difficult since it affects the immune system.

Types of red mange

This dog condition can appear asacute or localized condition. When this type of demodicosis occurs, two typescan be distinguished. They are adults and juvenile. When a bit older dogcontracts this disease, a problem is a bit more serious. Complications of thiscondition include cancer, metabolic, endocrine disease and steroid therapy.Usually this problem occurs as a consequence of another condition. When youngerdogs are affected, the condition can even be cured on its own, without anytreatment. Several studies have confirmed that genetics have an important partin the creation of this condition. So watch out for this if you have a dog withthis problem in the family. Second type of demodicosis is localized, andit affects dogs under one year old. This type is created by stress, or by someother condition. This problem can be cured very easily, so do not bealarmed if symptoms of localized demodicosis appear. They include hair thinningin the region of mouth, lips, legs and eyelids. Cases that are more serious willinclude patches of hair falling off.


Once the diagnosis is made,treatment can begin. Generalized will require to neuter the dog, whilelocalized will require a bit more effort. You need to monitor the condition,bath the dog with a certain shampoo, put lotion and other. Generalizedcondition will require the treatment of secondary bacterial infection, usuallydone with an amitraz-based dip. Do not be afraid when using the dip. Dog willhave some problems like tremor and itchiness because of that, but the doctor mayuse the dip. You can do many things at home. You can use antibiotics (forsecondary infection), oral medications (for mites) and try to avoid bathingbetween the dipping therapy. Medication called mitaban is the only approvedmedication for demodicosis. Use it two times a week. Other medications that canbe helpful are moxidectin and vitamin E. You can also trywith follicular washing. Skin scraping will occur after six to nine dips,and the dog has to have at least three scrapings. Some problems, like slowheart rate, vomiting, depression, itchiness and staggering can occur.

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