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Exercising presents an important element of healthy living and as such should be applied as much as possible. Still, it is something that should not be taken lightly; it should be done properly for creating the best effect, but also for avoiding the possible injuries. Some basic principles should always be followed, no matter what type of workout is used. That includes warming up before the exercising and stretching afterwards. Both are needed to avoid any possible muscle issues, which can only delay the next training session. Also, some vitamins and minerals should be taken (especially magnesium) for preventing the occurrence of spasms and cramps in muscles.


Lunges is a very interesting and effective exercise when it comes to legs. Also, it can be done at home, with no additional weights and it should be a part of all workout routines, whether it is in a gym or at home. Even though doing lunges is simple, it might create certain problems for the knee, especially if some previous condition has already been present. Lunges and knee pain are related. Knee pain can be caused because of the lunges, but it is also possible that lunges are only worsening some present condition. If there is knee pain present, whatever the cause, lunges can help alleviating the problem, but if the lunges are not done correctly, the problem might complicate. To make the knee pain go away, lunges could be done a bit more lightly with the assistance of the wall or chair, which reduces the lifted weight. Also, lunges can be done only halfway, it also reduces the pressure and should deal with the knee pain. The level of the front foot could be higher – that might also help with the pain.


If those methods did not help much, then it might be a good idea to try some other exercises. So, step up is an interesting alternative, without much pressure put on the knees, but there are also side lunges, plie squats, wall sits, etc. If performing other exercises similar to lunges did not make the knee pain go away, this means that something a bit more serious might be going on. And that requires going to a doctor as soon as possible. Also, until diagnosis is set, it might be for the best to slow down with exercises. It is not a popular method, but if slight physical activity creates knee pain, something has to be done.

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