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It is very important to maintain a healthy state of thebody, for it is a one of the two main factors for having a high quality life. Theother is healthy mind, but that is another matter. As for the body, to keep it inshape and healthy, some things have to be done. Those are eating control andphysical activity. Eating control is all about eliminating the junk food andeating the right amounts of nutrients. Nutrients include proteins, carbs andsome healthy fats. Exaggerating in eating will lead to accumulation of fattissue, while in order to reduce that same tissue, meals should be reduced.Normal eating also prevents certain medical conditions, such as diabetes andheart problems. Physical activity is also very important for maintaining theweight within normal range and, if necessary, reducing the excessive weight. Butnot only that, physical activity can help with enhancing the abilities ofcertain systems in the organism. Those are respiratory system, intestinal tract,immune system, and muscles, of course. Becoming strong will make all our dailyactivities easier to perform and that will leave us with the excessive energy.


It is very important to exercise, and it is maybe even moreimportant to exercise properly. This means that positive effects of theexercise can be annulled with the problems that might occur. Since muscles,tendons and related tissue are mostly included in exercising, those can beeasily injured. And one of the most affected parts of the body is knee.Exercising can put a lot of strain to it, especially when performing forms thatinclude leg motions. And if weight is added, that can create even morepressure.

Knee pain

Some people start to complain of the inner knee pain, andthat type of pain can be caused by several different reasons. Those areproblems with meniscus, medial ligament and osteoarthritis. Meniscus problem isthe most common in people who exercise, and this problem is caused by the overuse.This means that the beginners should start lightly; nothing too strenuous should bedone, in order to prevent meniscus issues. Ligament in the knee can also bedamaged, and this is something that might happen in contact sports, such as rugby, forexample. These injuries are actually very serious, because if nottreated in time and properly, they can cause further complications that might permanentlyremove a person from gym or sport activity. It does sound a bit drastic andserious, but it is a serious matter and should be dealt with accordingly.

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