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The lower back consists of many different tissues, such as backbones, ligaments, muscles, nerves, intervertebral discs and some soft tissues. Problems with any of these tissues and structures may result in painful sensations in the lower back. This type of pain is known to be one of the symptoms many people visit their doctor for. Lower back pain usually affects adult people, 30 to 50 years old. There is no difference in genders, so both men and women may suffer from this problem. The pain is normally felt in certain area of the lower back, in the buttocks or it can spread to the legs or to the feet.

Possible Lower Back Pain Causes

Injuries, degeneration of the bones and sciatica commonly cause lower back pain. Women may experience the same type of pain during pregnancy. Injuries of the lower back area are not rare. Sudden pain in the back is normally caused by experienced trauma. Muscle tear, ligament sprain, ruptured disc and vertebrae fractures are all known to be diagnosed as the root cause of lower back pain.

Sciatica provokes burning pain in the lower back which usually spreads to the legs and, specifically, to the knees. It occurs when the spinal cord gets pressed and irritated because of arthritis, herniated discs or simply because of muscle spasm.

Bone degeneration that occurs as a result of osteoporosis is yet another reason for the lower back pain. People prescribed with corticosteroid injections may also develop this problem and suffer from osteoporosis and back pain.

Pregnant women may experience lower back pain for two reasons. One is increasing weight of the mother and the other is pressure of the child on the spinal nerves.

Different diseases of kidneys and gallbladder can also be felt as pain in the lower back. Since this pain has not originated in the lower back it is also known as the referred pain. Obesity, infections and tumors of the spine can also be the reasons behind one's back pain.

Prevention and Treatment Measures

Prevention of the lower back pain usually involves maintaining proper posture of the body at all times. Be especially mindful of your posture if you need to lift something heavy, but also while sitting on the chair or even lying on the floor, to prevent any potential back pain.

Obese people may experience lower back problems because of their weight. Many doctors advise these patients to lose some of the excess weight, for this will certainly improve their posture and ease the existing back pain.

Treatment of lower back pain can include heating pads or certain pain killers. If the pain persists, one should seek advice from a medical professional. For some patients the best treatment is physical therapy or surgery.

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