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It is obvious that learning as much as possible about major nutrientsis needed in order to create healthy meals and to live healthy and normally.Something like this is easily forgotten due to many obligations many of us haveeach day. Therefore, meals we create or buy are all about great taste, while wedo not pay much attention to the labels and amounts and balance of carbohydrates,proteins, and fat. We all know that carbohydrates are the human fuel and that they should occupy large percent of daily calories taken in.


In our bodies, carbohydrates exist in the forms of glucose andglycogen. Glucose is found in bloodstream and in such way is used by brain, forexample. Brain cannot use any other source of nutrients and energy, so it isimportant to have certain levels of glucose in organism. Glycogen is a secondform and it can be found in liver and muscles. Glycogen in liver is used as the first source when the glucose level in organism is too low. As for glycogenamounts in muscles, those are saved for moments of exercises, when muscles areput under the strain and need additional energy for physical activities.


The problem begins when the intake of carbohydrates is biggerthan the energy needs. The excess glucose is turned into fat cells and oncecreated, fat cells cannot be destroyed. The only thing that can be done isreducing their volume to a minimum, which results in reduced volume of thefat tissue. Glucose level in blood is a great indicator of some possiblemedical problem. High glucose levels should be analyzed further in order to seewhy that glucose is not entering the cells. Unfortunately, this might happenbecause of the lack of insulin, or because insulin is not working properly.This condition is called diabetes and it is a very serious condition that needs alot of discipline and self-control in order to keep the glucose levels in bloodin order.

As for fat, it can be reduced with the help of exercises anddiets. Keeping the glucose level at a normal rate is very important, but it isalso important not to let the glucose level drop too much below the needed level.In those moments, if the organism feels threatened, not only fat will bereduced, but the protein depose might be affected too, and that can lead to muscle degradation.

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