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Low and beneficial

Surely, one of thetopics most talked over by people is the one of how to lose weight and doit as fast as possible, too. Though this is pointed out to quite often by themedia of all sorts, what actually makes the people tick with zeal is the tempoof getting rid of the excess weight. This is actually the cog that movesthe entire weight-loss mechanism. One thing that most of the people seem todisregard is that the entire process does take a lot of effort, and quite sometime, and that it cannot be done in any instant manner, for this would not behealthy at all for the person in question. Being diligent is one of the most important things, when it comes to regular exercising; healthy diet comes next, in combinationwith establishing equilibrium between one’s work and one’s home life inorder to ward off stress more easily.

If we change theshift to the most effective methods, one of them needs to be pointed outespecially, i.e. eating more fruits and vegetables and making them a vital part of a person’s daily diet. Even thoughthis diet program does facilitate loss of excess weight, unless a person iswell informed and guided, s/he can end up gaining more weight instead of losingit, as was the initial idea. That is to say that, when a person consumes those fruit and vegetable varieties that are high in calories by mistake, the amount willonly rise instead of disappear. Therefore, one always has to be careful whenchoosing them.

The guide

All the numbers regarding the amount of calories that each of the more importantvegetables and fruits has refers to the quantity of 100 gm. The order ofappearance is alphabetical and the first to start are vegetables: asparagus 26,aubergine 15, beetroot 38, broccoli 32, Brussels sprouts 40, cabbage 24, carrot32, cauliflower 32, celery 8, chicory 10, cucumber 10, fennel 13, gherkins 15,gourd 12, leek 22, lettuce 12, bean sprouts 30, chick peas 120, green beans, 25, soya beans 140, red kidney beans100, marrow 10, mushroom 15, okra 30, onion 35, onion sprig 23,parsnip 60, bell peppers 18, potato 70, pumpkin 12, radish 13, spinach 23,sprouts 43, sweet corn 24, tomatoes 18, cherry tomatoes 17, turnip 21 andzucchini 20.

With fruits it looks like the following: apple 44, apricot 30,avocado 150, banana 107, blackberry 1.1, cherry 2.4, Clementine 24, currants 5, sweetened date 250, figs 10, gooseberries 2.6, seedlessgrapes 50, grapefruit 100, guava 24, kiwi 34, lemon 20, mango 40,honeydew 28, cantaloupe 25, nectarines 42, olives 6.8, orange 35, papaya 335,passion fruit 30, peach, 35, pear 45, pineapple 50, plum 25, prunes9, raisins 5, raspberry 1.1, rhubarb 8, strawberry 2.7, yam 110and tangerine 26.

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